Portrait Session

This session is for an individual, or a couple, generally lasting around 60 - 90 minutes. This is the perfect session for things like Senior Portraits, Engagements, Dance, Proposals, Graduation Photos, Social Media Content Creation for an individual, etc.


Family Portraits

This session is for an average sized family group (3-8 people). Family portrait session duration usually tends to be 90 minutes to two hours, but depends heavily on the interest level and stamina of our youngest and oldest subjects.



No two weddings are the same. The average wedding is around $3,000. Some work out higher, some lower.

starting at $2000


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes. Yes I do!

Will there be a second shooter?

If you are on a very tight budget, I will agree to shoot without a second photographer. Since 2016, I have only done that one time. I very strongly prefer to work with a second shooter. I don't charge a penny of profit, you will pay only just their shooting fee (typically $50/hour)

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Absolutely. You have one special day, and I would never think of creating a problem for you, on the day of the wedding. If your timeline is delayed, and we need to extend, we can do that. You will know ahead of time exactly how that works, just in case.

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot Sony full frame cameras, with G-Master lenses. If you are really into photography, and want to geek out about gear, I'm more than happy to rattle off my current setup. For the vast majority of you, it's safe to say I use VERY VERY VERY good cameras and lenses.

Do you provide wall art and albums?

Absolutely! Capturing the images is just the first (and honestly the easiest) part of the process! After that I handle the editing if your images, the preparation for printing, and the creation of stunning wall art and albums that will preserve the images for generations to come.

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