About Mark

Man... the most difficult thing to decide is how much 'stuff' to put in the 'about me' section, and what things people would actually be most interested in. I am not going to bore you with the whole "when I was 10 I picked up a camera for the first time..." Well look there, I just did. After learning to shoot, I also learned to process my images in my own darkroom, which I built with my father in our basement.

In 2014 I finally decided to make my passion for photography a business. I started primarily photographing just performing artists. I am a classical musician, so I found a very natural niche in classical music photography. That connection propelled me to some very exciting commercial work with Steinway & Sons, and I became the Photographer in Residence for the French-American Piano Society, which makes the performance home in the French Consulate in NYC, and occasionally the French Embassy.

I think the more important tidbit I would want prospective clients to know is how much I LOVE the creative process of making photographs. I adore everything about it. First, I get to meet tons of amazing people, and get a little sneak peek into the things that are most precious in their lives. I get to spend time with couples who are deeply in love, with the excitement and thrill of planning their big day, and then I get to share that day with them! Whether creating images for a NASA scientist, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, authors, inventors or artists,

I get to be around some of the world's greatest artists and musicians, and capture them doing what they love. I get to capture the beauty and elegance of a dancer or a gymnast. I get to hang out with new people, learn what makes them smile, and sometimes what makes them cry, and I get to share a little glimpse of the flame that burns inside them for whatever they are most passionate about.

I consider myself the luckiest man alive. I'm married to my best friend, I make my living with music and photography, and I find the most profound joy in doing the things that I do! It doesn't get any better than that.

Please reach out and connect! Whether you are looking for a photographer right this moment or sometime in the future, let's connect! The world in 2021 (especially post-Covid), can feel so isolating. Humans are meant to connect, to relate, and we feed off of each others' energy and ideas!


Rebecca & Joe

“Mark has been absolutely wonderful for all of our family's milestones and "just because" pictures. Mark captured my husband and I's wedding day in more detail and with more care then I would have dreamed of. Mark is so much fun to spend time with (which we did a lot of between family, engagement, wedding & baby announcement photos!) which makes the entire experience stress-free. It is so clear that Mark loves what he is doing - it comes out in his photos!! Highly recommend!!”

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